Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence

An original homestay in Florence with Beatrice

Beatrice and I have been collaborating for a while now on many projects, including Italian Language Homestays in Florence. We wanted to let you know about some changes she will be making to her program that are sure to be of interest to all of you!

Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence

New and tailor-made Italian Language Immersion experiences in the heart of Florence!

Beatrice is moving to a new part of town in Florence’s Sant’ Ambrogio neighborhood. It is located in the historical city center, which is only a ten-minute walk to the Duomo and a five-minute walk from Santa Croce Church, and a 15-minute was from the Ponte Vecchio. Sant’Ambrogio is an original neighborhood, inhabited by Florentines and not contaminated by mass tourism. Every morning there is a local market with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, and clothes. The stores do not belong to big chains, but they are still independent, and the restaurant menus are not in English.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence

Beatrice’s Homestay Experience will include
tailor-made Italian lessons taught by her.

Students may choose to stay from 5 days up to a 4 weeks.

The program includes 2 or 3 hours of daily Italian
language lessons with Beatrice Monday-Friday.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence


Unlike other homestays offered on the Studentessa Matta site, you will stay not in Beatrice’s home, but in an apartment a short walking distance away from Beatrice’s apartment.

You will have several options:
  1. A room that features a private bathroom and shared kitchen with two other possible guests (recommended if you want to save a little money).
  2. A small independent apartment with a bathroom and kitchen (recommended if you want total privacy).
  3. An apartment that is 65 square meters with 2 bedrooms (recommended if you want your independence but also a little more space and comfort).
  4. Coming soon: a room in an apartment to share with hosts who also offer you breakfast and a chat in Italian (option for those who want to be immersed in Italian. Not yet active, waiting to see the procedures of vaccines and covid regulations).

If you have special needs, please let us know, and Beatrice will try to find the best solution for you. Please inform us of any food allergy or intolerance before your stay, so we can better organize for your needs. Also, please remember: the price of accommodations may vary depending on the time of year: high or low season.


The accommodation you will be staying in will be sanitized to the required standards. During every activity, both for Italian lessons and for other experiences, the rules of social distancing and all the anti-Covid rules provided by the Italian Government will always be respected. Beatrice has received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence


Beatrice’s goal is to provide students with a QUALITY experience that is AUTHENTIC.

You will not only STUDY the language, but you will also PRACTICE it. You will not only READ about the culture, but you will INTERACT AND EXPERIENCE life in Florence just like an Italian.


Beyond an ENTERTAINING class room experience you will dive into FUN Activities!

Beatrice is now collaborating with women entrepreneurs to bring you a truly unique immersion experience.

In addition to Italian lessons taught by Beatrice you will have the possibility of choosing extra activities to continue your immersion in the Italian culture and language.

After your morning Italian class with Beatrice, you may choose from and participate in workshops lead by women between 35 and 50 years old, who are all located within a 15 minute walk from Beatrice’s home. These extra activity workshops include:

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—Cooking with Elisabetta

3 hours of cooking class – with Elisabetta you will first do the shopping together at the supermarket, then you will go to her house to learn one of the 12 recipes (6 savory and 6 sweet) that you will have chosen beforehand. At the end you will eat together what you have prepared with a tea or a glass of wine.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—City Tours with Veronica

2 hour guided city tour – with Veronica you will take a pleasant 2 hour walk around Florence chatting to discover what happened in the famous flood of 1966, or to discover curiosities about the neighborhood where you will be living, or even to learn about the Florentine cenacles or medieval Florence.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—Knitting with Elena

4 hours of knitting and sewing course – Elena will welcome you in her beautiful studio with tea or coffee in a very informal atmosphere, and together you will knit or embroider together. She will provide all the materials you need.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—crochet with Kate

2 hours of crochet – with Kate, first you’ll go to a historic craft shop near the Duomo to buy the necessary materials, then you’ll choose whether to go to a bar for a coffee, or to a little garden in the neighborhood where the children play and you’ll begin the art of crocheting, chatting a bit about everything, as if you were longtime friends.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—Coeramics with Eva

2 hours of ceramics – with Eva you will go Oltrarno and work in a studio that looks like an old workshop of yesteryear! During your session you can choose to work with clay (whether you’re a beginner or already a connoisseur) or paint pottery. You can take home what you have made.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—Yoga with Sara

1 hour of Hata yoga – with Sara you will participate in a relaxing yoga class in her studio located in Beatrice’s neighborhood. After class, you can stay and chat with Sara and discuss your experience.

Beatrice Homestay in Florence—House concert with Carolina, Eleonora and Frederica

A private house concert – with Carolina, Eleonora and Frederica you will enjoy a one hour and 45 minutes concert (all with Italian music!) in a private apartment in the Oltrarno area. Carolina, Eleonora and Federica (voice, cello and piano) are professional artists. They will play, sing and tell you anecdotes about their repertoire. Not only will there be music, but also food: you can choose between the aperitif or brunch and then take the opportunity to taste the excellent cuisine of chef Gabriele Mauro (trattoria Be’mi Tempi) after the concert.

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta, Deposit Photo

Che bell’idea!
What a great idea!

During your stay in Florence with Beatrice, not only will you take classes and go for walks, visit exhibitions, have an aperitif, and discover Florence with her, but you will also be introduced to her collaborators during extra activity classes and actively converse with other Italians.

Here is a little more background information
about my friend Beatrice.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Homestay in Florence

Beatrice was born in Florence in 1982 and studied at the University of Florence and also of Siena to be a teacher of Italian for foreigners. She has been teaching since 2006. First in South Korea, Serbia and Paris. Upon her return to Florence, she began her own business: Italian with Beatrice and now teaches at a private American University, as well as for private companies and individuals. She likes to create social media posts and funny videos on Youtube to help her students. Recently she launched a monthly online magazine called “Allora” for her students filled with articles, links, songs, recipes, horoscope, and more!

If you’d like more information or to book an Italian Language Vacation with Beatrice click here.

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