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Oggi vorrei farvi conoscere Ishita Sood. Lei è un blogger di India ed è pazzescamente innamorata dell’Italia. Dopo il suo primo viaggio in Italia è tornata nel suo paese determinata a ritornarci presto. Ineffeti lei ha realizzato il suo sogno e ha fatto un secondo viaggio in Italia nei paesi meno conosciuti. Questa volta quando Ishita è tornata a casa di nuovo in India ha fatto un’altra decisione importante—ha deciso di imparare l’Italiano per rafforzare la sua connessione con l’Italia e gli Italiani.

Today I would like to present to you Ishita Sood. She is a blogger from India who has fallen head over heels in love with Italy. After her first trip to Italy, she returned to her home country bound and determined to visit Italy again very soon. Indeed she realized her dream and made a second trip to Italy, visiting smaller towns and lesser-known areas. This time when Ishita returned home to India she made another important resolution—she decided to learn Italian to strengthen her connection with Italy and the Italian people.

Nel suo guest post Ishita descrive quel meraviglioso momento che tutti gli studenti dell’Italiano sperano di avere—quel momento quando si arriva in Italia e si può sentire e capire bene la lingua per la prima volta. Per di più…le persone riescono a capirti bene quando tu rispondono a loro! Certo è un grandioso momento gioioso per coloro che lavora duramente per imparare la lingua.

In her guest post, Ishita describes that wonderful moment that all language learners hopefully experience—the moment when you travel in Italy and hear the language and can understand for the first time what is being said. Even better… people can understand you when you respond! It is certainly a magnificent high and a joyous moment for those who work so hard to learn the language.

Ecco Ishita / Here is Ishita

Photo Credit: Ishita Sood

Three years ago when I traveled to Italy for the very first time, I had no idea the experience would change my life forever. I went with little or no expectations. My main motivation was to see ROME. I was fascinated by the eternal city. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to visit. My first stop Il Colosseo. Immediately I was intrigued and captivated by its beauty.

As I traveled through the rest of the country I made more fascinating discoveries. I felt connected to the country and soon fell head over heels in love. By the time I left Italy, I ached for it like one aches for a lover. It was a feeling hard to fathom and explain. My only agenda in life was to return again to Italy someday.

A year and a half passed before I took my next solo trip to the lesser-known regions of Umbria and Friuli Venezia Giulia. This trip gave me confidence not only to travel by myself but also to see myself differently. It also triggered my decision to learn Italian.

Photo Credit: Ishita Sood

After my second trip, I knew Italy was going to be a part of me forever. To remain closer to the country I decided to learn the language. It took only a few short months before I enrolled in an Italian course at the Italian Embassy in New Delhi. Since then there has been no turning back. Learning Italian has become a big part of my life. Each day I practice and immerse myself in an Italian routine. I watch Italian movies, listen to old and new Italian songs, and learn new verbs and grammar constructions. I’m doing what I can to be more Italian in heart and soul through writing and absorbing the Italian lifestyle and learning the language. Needless to say, it’s not easy living in India so far away from il bel paese, but if you truly desire something I believe nothing is impossible.

Photo Credit: Ishita Sood

This year when I returned to Italy and heard the familiar sound of Italian, it gave me goosebumps. Not only because now I could understand it, but also because I could also speak a little. It was such a joyful moment when I could answer back in Italian and others could understand me. I got a “brava” every time I said something correct from the Italians. It was just the right amount of motivation to fuel my desire to keep learning the language. I now keep an Italian dictionary on my bedside, so it is handy when I need to understand and learn a new word. I love the hard work that goes into learning the most beautiful language in the world.

Italy, you along with your beautiful musical language make me happy. Salute! Ishita

Grazie Ishita per le tue dolci parole. Non smettere mai di viaggiare o di imparare l’Italiano!

Thanks for your sweet words Ishita. Don’t stop traveling to Italy and keep learning the language!

You can find Ishita on the web writing about her love for Italy on her blog:

“Italophilia ~ Stories of My Italian Journey & More! 

You can also follow Ishita on Twitter.

I would love to hear from you and feature you in a guest post on the Matta blog. Let us know: “Why do you want to learn Italiano”. Write me at to have your post featured on the blog! Non vedo l’ora di ricevere la vostra notizia!

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  1. Wonderful, Ishita! I feel the same way about learning and speaking Italian. It’s such a thrill to be able to understand a little more Italian with every visit. Un abbraccio!

  2. Brava Ishita!!!!!! I am sure your Italian is better than mine, even though I have been living in Italy 10 years! Unlike you, I watch all movies and tv shows and news in English. I am so lazy! Ha, ha, ha….great post ragazze! Buona domenica….

    1. Aww cara you are so kind. I am sure you know it better than me. I hardly speak here 🙁 Its all about learning for now. Someday we will converse in Italian together 😉 Buona giornata!

  3. Ishita: Im a Sicilian American married to a Sourh Indian! I grew up in The USA and my love of Italy is limitless! I fell in Love with Italy yrsrs ago as I celebrated my culture with my noona and zia’s growing up in NEwYork! My parents spoke Sicilian and it has been difficult to learn! In school I learned Spanish and although I try to learn Italian my dialect and pronunciation is flawed! I want to learn my language and become fluent!

    1. Wow Teresa that is so cool! Do you visit India? It is inspiring to read about people like you. It is difficult but we must be consistent. Like my professor says- make it a habit to learn Italian even 15 mins a day. It helps! We will be fluent someday cara. So nice to know you