Vivi e impara con un insegnante italiano in Italia!

Live and Learn with an Italian Teacher in Italy!

Italian Homestays immerse you in language and family life.

Embrace Italian Life: Your Home Away from Home in Italia!

Imagine learning Italian while immersing yourself in the language on vacation. Better yet, become part of an Italian family for a week, joining in daily activities like cooking, shopping, and enjoying movies in their cozy living room. Homestay vacations offer a glimpse into everyday life in Italy and provide formal instruction from your teacher and hostess. Spend the rest of your time practicing Italian with your host and other family members, forging unforgettable bonds and gaining a true appreciation for Italian life.

Please note that your Italian teacher is generously opening their home to provide accommodations, lessons, meals, and excursions during your stay. It’s not just a budget-friendly option but an investment in your Italian language journey—an invaluable opportunity. Prices vary based on season, duration, lesson hours, and location, typically ranging from $1000 to $3600 for a week.

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    The price of Homestay depends on the Teacher, Region, Season, Length of stay, # Lessons, # Students. For 1 WEEK / 1 PERSON. The price could be in the Euro 1100 - Euro 2200 range. If this is within your budget, please continue with your homestay request.
  • (This refers to structured one-on-one lessons with your Homestay teacher. Keep in mind that throughout your entire Homestay experience you will immerse in the language as you interact and speak with your teacher, their friends & families during your stay.)

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Homestay participant Review

Dear Melissa, I returned from a wonderful week with Cristina in Trento yesterday. Thank you so much for setting up your amazing service of sourcing such talented and welcoming hosts. It is quite a daunting prospect for a language learner to go and stay abroad but your website is very reassuring and clear about what to expect. You certainly found a gem with Cristina. I could not have asked for a more hospitable, warm, and thoughtful host. The language lessons were excellent. I have come back full of enthusiasm for Italian and keeping up with my studies going forward. Thank you very much for all your help; it is so much appreciated.
Jenny Ison — London, England: Homestay with Cristina in Trento

At Home in Italy

Italian Homestay Learning Vacations

How they work and how we work together

STEP ONE — SUBMIT HOMESTAY REQUEST: Complete the Homestay Request Form above and select your top three choices for Homestay teachers.

STEP TWO — CONFIRMATION OF TEACHER’S AVAILABILITY & PRICING PROPOSAL: We’ll reach out to the teachers to confirm availability and provide you with a proposal including pricing for the Homestay. Prices vary depending on factors like duration, time of year, lesson hours, and location diversity among the teachers.

STEP THREE — SECURE YOUR RESERVATION WITH A DEPOSIT: Once you’re ready to confirm your Homestay, kindly send the deposit amount specified in your proposal to Melissa. The deposit will be forwarded to your chosen Homestay teacher. Payments are accepted in US dollars and can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Zelle. Note: If you opt for Bank Transfer or Zelle, additional bank details and instructions will be provided by Melissa. Please be aware that PayPal incurs a service fee.

STEP FOUR —  RECEIVING YOUR HOMESTAY PROVIDERS CONTACT INFORMATION: After the deposit is received and confirmed, you’ll be connected directly with your Italian Homestay Hostess. Melissa will facilitate the exchange of email addresses between both parties. From there, you can freely communicate directly with your teacher to plan your time in Italy, discuss language goals, and address any dietary preferences or special needs.

STEP FIVE — THE FINAL AMOUNT DUE: You’ll settle the final payment directly with your Homestay teacher. Once you’re in direct contact with them, you can discuss the preferred method for completing the remaining payment.

From Bergamo to Sicilia Matta Homestays offer you a wide selection of teachers in a variety of fascinating locations

Renata’s Homestay : Your Gateway to the Heart of Milan

Picture yourself immersed in the heart of historic Milano with Renata’s homestay experience. You’ll reside with Renata and her family throughout your stay, joining them in everyday activities such as cooking, shopping, and enjoying TV time together. Additionally, venture to her summer retreat north of Como for outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking, all while continuing your Italian studies in a picturesque countryside setting.

Alessandra’s Livorno Homestay: Dive into the Tuscan Coastal Life!

Alessandra’s Homestay in Livorno, nestled on the picturesque Tuscan coastline, offers easy access to renowned Italian cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Siena. As a seasoned Italian teacher passionate about exploration, Alessandra warmly invites students to immerse themselves in Italian culture and language within her inviting home. Get ready to explore Livorno with her guidance and indulge in her husband’s culinary delights as you cook together!

Elena’s Homestay in Bergamo or Lake Como 

In Bergamo, immerse yourself in the captivating charm of both the Upper and Lower City, or join Elena for a serene retreat at her lakeside villas in Lake Como. Choose between Menaggio or Corenno Plinio for your stay. Elena is also delighted to arrange group language courses at her spacious lakeside residence opposite Bellagio. Enjoy daily excursions led by Elena, where your Italian language proficiency will soar.

Laura’s Homestay in Bologna

Immerse yourself in the charm of Bologna, and learn Italian with Laura at Love Italian, which is surrounded by delicious cuisine and historic architecture. This homestay is an option for those looking for a little more independence. You will live in a private apartment next door to your Italian teacher and take lessons with other Italian language students at her school. You will prepare breakfast and dinners in your own kitchen but will have opportunities to socialize and cook with Laura during your stay.

Paola & Beatrice offer a delightful homestay experience in Lecco, nestled on the shores of Lake Como.

Dynamic Italian duo teaching team Beatrice and Paola offer a unique homestay in Lecco on Lake Como, featuring cooking, language lessons, boat rides, and Tango dancing. With years of teaching experience, they create an unforgettable vacation for students, blending their passion for teaching with the beauty of their hometown.

Maria’s Homestay in Trento near Verona and Lago di Garda 

Experience the charm of Trento, a picturesque town in northeast Italy, through a welcoming homestay with Maria. She, known for her warmth and hospitality, is eager to introduce you to her town and teach you in Italian. Maria’s apartment is a brief walk from the city’s vibrant heart, allowing you to explore the city on your own. Maria will also take you on day excursions to see local points of interest with stunning views.

Rosaria’s Homestay in Sicilia

Rosaria offers a charming homestay in Sicily, near Palermo, perfect for immersing yourself in Italian culture and language. You’ll stay in a private apartment in the same building, enjoy personalized Italian lessons in the morning, and explore Sicily’s sights in the afternoon. Evenings are spent preparing dinner and engaging in lively conversations around the table, enriching your experience with every moment.

Lucia’s Homestay in Borgomanero 

Embark on an immersive journey in the charming lake region of Borgomanero with Lucia’s Homestay. Let Lucia guide you as you delve into Italian culture and language, crafting unforgettable memories in this picturesque locale. Despite its small size, Lucia’s town is brimming with shops and coffee bars, just a ten-minute walk from her welcoming home near Lago Maggiore in Northwest Italy.

Virginia Homestay in the Maremma in Southern Tuscany

Virginia’s home, nestled between Livorno and Grosseto in the Maremma region, offers an idyllic setting for your Italian immersion. Surrounded by rolling hills and the sparkling sea, you’ll enjoy language lessons on her back patio and authentic pasta-making sessions with her mother, deepening your connection to Italian culture and cuisine.

Gabriella’s Homestay on the Amalfi Coast

Nestled in Pontecagnano, a charming town near Salerno, Gabriella’s Homestay offers an idyllic retreat between the renowned Amalfi Coast and the scenic Cilento region. Experience Italian language immersion against the backdrop of the stunning Italian coastline. You can choose to stay in Gabriella’s cozy Homestay or opt for accommodation in her family-run hotel, just a stone’s throw away.

Enza’s Homestay in Arezzo, nestled in the heart of Tuscany

Explore Arezzo’s enchanting medieval hill town, nestled in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Rome. Stay in Enza’s private Terrace Garden Apartment with stunning rooftop views of the city, or in a guest room in her modern apartment. Enjoy Italian instruction at Cultura Italiana Language school nearby, or opt for private lessons on the terrace.

Emma’s Homestay in charming Pisa

Emma’s charming Homestay apartment, nestled in Pisa’s historic center, is just a 5-minute walk from the main street and a leisurely 15-minute stroll from the iconic leaning tower. Formerly offering homestays in Rome, Emma now welcomes students to join her in Pisa and experience her newly renovated palazzo firsthand.

Carmela’s Homestay in the cozy Garbatella neighorhood of Rome

Carmella’s neighborhood of Garbatella offers a peaceful retreat just a 20-minute bus ride from Rome’s historic city center. Enjoy leisurely walks, authentic local bars, and the chance to mingle with Roman residents, all amidst charming, long-standing local businesses.

Anna’s Homestay in Pavia in Lombardy

Explore the charming town of Pavia, nestled in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. With Anna as your guide during an Italian homestay vacation, you’ll immerse yourself in the language, discover local culture, and enjoy personalized learning experiences. Anna is eager to introduce you to her hometown and make your stay unforgettable.

Beatrice’s Homestay in Florence

Immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture with Beatrice’s Language Experience in the heart of Florence. Unlike traditional homestays, you’ll stay in B&Bs or apartments in the vibrant Santa Croce district, just steps from Beatrice’s home. Enjoy daily language lessons with her and explore the city through excursions and shopping. Beatrice also offers additional activities such as cooking classes, tours, yoga, and art lessons that can be booked with her associates.

Chiara’s Homestay in Vilminore, nestled in the Italian Alps 

During your homestay with Chiara, you’ll experience Italian culture from a unique “off the beaten track” perspective. Chiara’s mountain retreat home is nestled in the quaint mountain village of Vilminore di Scalve, situated in the sunny heart of the Scalve Valley, just an hour away from Bergamo and Brescia.

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The accommodations provided adhere strictly to sanitation standards. Throughout all activities, including Italian lessons and other experiences, we uphold social distancing guidelines and comply with all anti-COVID regulations mandated by the Italian Government. If you have any special requirements, please inform Melissa, and she will endeavor to accommodate your needs. Additionally, kindly notify us of any food allergies or intolerances before your stay to ensure proper arrangements are made.

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