Matta Club di libri italiani

Matta Italian Language Book Club

Level up Your Italian: Read, Chat, Learn!

An Italian Book Cub! What a NOVEL idea!

Join the Matta Book Club for lively Italian discussions! Explore Italian novels in small groups or one-on-one sessions with Melissa, your guide. Get exclusive summaries and discussion topics to boost your reading and conversation skills.

Meet fellow Italian lovers in 5-6 weekly one-hour Zoom events, blending fun with learning. Often, we chat with authors like Silvia Zucca and Felicia Kingsley, discussing their novels directly!

New Group Book Club books launch in fall and spring. Missed out or interested in a past selection? Join a private session anytime or organize your own small group with Melissa’s help.

Matta Spring & Fall Group Book Club

Group Book Club for Anyone!

Join the Seasonal Book Club. The Matta Group Book Club presents a new Italian book to read each SPRING and FALL. It is a novel way to study Italian through literature. Our sessions are perfect for Italian book lovers and Italian learners who are at an advanced beginner or Intermediate level. The Matta Book Club provides a rich blend of engaging narratives and language insights. With book selections spanning various genres, each book is chosen to deepen your vocabulary and cultural understanding and tailored for small groups of 2-3 readers to ensure personalized discussions.

Join now to be placed into a group of simpatici lettori. Flexibility is key; groups can choose their start dates, allowing for an experience that fits everyone’s schedule. Our sessions consist of five weekly 1-hour Zoom meetings, making it easy for members worldwide to connect.

Group Book Club for Friends or Study Buddies

Create Your Own Group. Now or at any time of the year, you can organize a group book club with your Italian study buddies to read a book with Melissa. Select the current Matta Book Club selection or from any of the previous reads. Contact Melissa to create a personalized book club journey for your private group,

Spring 2024 Matta Book Club Dates:
Starting Week of April 22, 2024
until Week of May 20th, 2024

$250 per person

Join a ONE-on-ONE Matta Book Club

Join A private 1-on-1 Matta
5-Week Book seminar
any time of the year!

Private Book Seminar


If you’re looking for a more personalized experience where you can shine as the main character in focused discussions and learning one-on-one with Melissa, then this is the perfect choice for you. 

This exclusive version includes five weekly one-hour sessions via Zoom, which can start at any time throughout the year.

Choose from any of the previous
Matta Book Club Selections!

Explore each book’s page from the
drop-down main menu to delve
deeper into the captivating stories.

featured novel!

Joining the Matta Italian book club is a fun way to practice & improve language skills!

Melissa is a wonderful language mentor. I’ve participated in two Matta Book Clubs (‘Io non ho paura’ and ‘Prima regola non innamorarsi’). She prepares outstanding study guides for each book and is eager to chat about grammar, sticky phrases, or idioms. I enjoyed chatting with the others in the Zoom call. It was a relaxed and fun experience. And I read TWO books in Italian! 
Therese Snyder, Two-time Matta Book Club participant

Wondering how the Matta Book Club turns the page on language learning?

Once groups are formed, we’ll work together to find the best times and days that suit everyone’s schedules. Our Matta Italian Book Club gatherings will take place on Zoom, and you’ll receive a convenient, reusable link to join our weekly meetings.

Usually, book club meetings take place over a five- to six-week period and consist of weekly one-hour sessions.

  • 5-6 Week Book Club Seminar
  • 1-hour Weekly Meetings
  • Meetings will occur on Zoom

We’ll tailor the meeting times and days to suit your schedule. Our Matta Book Club sessions will take place on Zoom, and you’ll receive a link that you can use for all our weekly meetings.

Usually, book club meetings take place over a five- to six-week period and consist of weekly one-hour sessions.

  • 5-6 Week Book Club Seminar
  • 1-hour Weekly Meetings
  • Meetings will occur on Zoom

Participation in the Matta Book Club is recommended for those at a Strong Advanced Beginner level (with a good grasp of Italian grammar and vocabulary) and Intermediate and advanced learners.

Absolutely! Each book will come with a comprehensive study and discussion guide in Italian and English. Registered participants will receive a private login one week before the Matta Book Club begins, granting access to the Book Club Discussion Guide on the Studentessa Matta website.

The Book Club Study Guide offers concise chapter summaries in Italian and English. You’ll stay on top of the novel’s plot by answering the guide’s questions. If you ever feel adrift amidst translations, the guide acts as a life jacket, ensuring you remain on course and prepared for each session.

Reviewing the Study Guide for the chapters scheduled for the week is advisable. By doing so, readers can engage with the key questions of each chapter, ensuring they stay abreast of the novel’s plot and complete the book. Additionally, readers will have the chance to practice pronunciation by reading paragraphs aloud.

You can access a vocabulary list and a link to the Matta Quizlet website for practicing new words. On the Quizlet site you can facilitate your learning process through interactive flashcards and engaging games and help you master the vocabulary.

 I’ll provide a brief topic or focus area for the upcoming week’s chapters, encouraging you to prepare by jotting down thoughts and organizing ideas. This will help you practice newly acquired vocabulary as you delve into the week’s reading.

You have two options to join the book club: participate in a group of up to 3 individuals or opt for an individual one-on-one experience. Each week, Melissa will lead the seminars in Italian.

Before the club starts, reading or listening to the book is highly recommended, enhancing your experience and fostering more engaging conversations, grammar insights, and expressive discussions. The club spans five to six weeks, each one-hour meeting offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Enjoy a spritz or a glass of wine while we chat! Active participation is encouraged, with members taking turns answering questions and sharing their opinions, ensuring everyone’s involvement. Assigned chapters will be provided before each session, facilitating prepared discussions on grammar, vocabulary, and guide questions.

Is the cost of the book included?

To fully engage in the Book Club experience, all participants are kindly requested to acquire a print, audio, or ePub copy of the chosen novel.

The sign-up fee does not include the cost of the book. However, we will provide links to purchase the book in print, ebook, or audio format on Amazon.

Refunds are not provided in the event of participant withdrawal. However, with advance notice, one-on-one meetings can be rescheduled to a mutually convenient time for both the host and the participant.

If you have any other questions about book club or registration, please don’t hesitate to contact: