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Where to Watch Italian TV & Films

Get out the popcorn — it’s time to watch a movie. Who doesn’t love a good movie flick? Watching movies is a fantastic way to keep your language skills thriving! These days, it is easier than ever to find Italian movies online and through film distribution services like Netflix and Amazon streaming

  • Rai TV and — Enjoy TV shows like Il Paradiso delle Signore, L’Amica Geniale, Don Matteo, and many other Italian comedies and soap dramas. Read Matta Review.
  • Netflix — Discover a large selection of original Italian movies & films, like La guida astrologica per cuore infranti, La legge di Lidia Poèt, and 7 donne e un mistero. View original English shows in Italian by changing language settings. Read Matta Review.
  • Repubblica TV — Watch short news videos and current events in Italian, streaming live online, accompanied by brief written descriptions. Read Matta Review.
  • Yabla TV — Immerse yourself in Italian TV shows with interactive learning tools. Read Matta Review.
  • — Watch TV online & learn Italian with interactive learning tools. Read Matta Review.
  • Alma.TV. — Watch TV online & learn Italian with interactive learning tools. Read Matta Review.
  • — A site for viewing movies in Italian, like the film Io non ho paura

Italian Radio & Audio

Start your day by tuning into an Italian radio station, from classical to rock, golden oldies to Maneskin; with these links, you will find a favorite station to put you in the language learning mood.

Italian Learning Podcasts

Stuck in traffic? Got a long commute? Don’t waste your valuable time drumming your fingers on the steering wheel. Instead, you could keep yourself entertained and elevate your Italian skills by listening to an Italian podcast.

Online Italian Bookstores

Explore my curated list of bookstores for the best Italian language learning materials, tailored to enhance your fluency whether you prefer shopping online or in person.

Read an Italian Novel — Book Recommendations

Reading Italian novels enriches vocabulary, deepens cultural understanding, and improves language fluency through immersive storytelling. Start with simple children’s stories. Then challenge yourself by reading things you know in English — like Harry Potter or your favorite English mystery writer.

Audiobooks — Improve Listening Comprehension.

Listening to audiobooks is an unparalleled method for enhancing listening comprehension skills. It offers a highly recommended, immersive learning experience.

  • offers a vast collection of Italian audiobooks, from bestsellers to classics, perfect for improving language skills and enjoying literature on the go.
  • — The American Audible site has both English & Italian titles.
  • — Audiobooks library has 450,000+ books. Titles in English & Italian.

Italian Online Magazines & Newspapers

Online magazines and newspapers are a great way for for practicing Italian. They offer real- time insights into culture, news, and language nuances.

  • Vanity Fair — The Italian edition of Vanity Fair presents a blend of high-profile interviews, fashion insights, and cultural trends, all from an Italian perspective.
  • Donna Moderna — Italy’s leading magazine, offers a mix of lifestyle, health, beauty, and fashion content tailored to the modern Italian woman.
  • Il Post — A news source that features current events in Italy.
  • Corriere della Sera — Delivers in-depth news, analysis, and commentary on national and international events, embodying journalistic excellence.
  • L’Espresso — Offers a sharp blend of investigative journalism, political analysis, and cultural commentary, capturing the essence of contemporary Italy.
  • Allora — A magazine designed for Italian language learners, published by friend & Italian teacher Beatrice Massaro in Florence. Read Matta Review.
  • Tutto Italiano — An audio magazine & a glossy magazine offering engaging content and language exercises to improve comprehension and fluency.

Italian Learning YouTube Channel

Learning Italian with YouTube channels offers dynamic, visual learning experiences, providing interactive lessons, cultural insights, and practical language usage from native speakers.

  • Studentessa Matta YouTube Channel — The Studentessa Matta YouTube channel offers fun and engaging Italian language lessons, cultural insights, and travel tips to help learners become fluent through immersion.
  • Sgrammaticando — Fiorella focuses on Italian grammar for Italians. It is also rich with helpful grammar insights for Italian language learners! Read Matta Review
  • Italiano Automatico — Learn Italian with Alberto and sometimes his nonna!
  • Learn Italian with Lucrezia — Lucrezia lives in Rome and records short, fun weekly videos to help you learn Italian. Read Matta Review Video Lucrezia visited me.
  • LearnAmo — Graziana and Rocco bring Italian language learning to life with interactive lessons on grammar and vocabulary tailored for learners of all levels.
  • One World Italiano — Veronica, from Sardena combines comprehensive Italian language lessons with cultural insights.
  • Weilà Tom — Offers a personal approach to learning Italian, featuring lessons on idiomatic expressions, grammar, and cultural insights for all proficiency levels.
  • Peppa Pig — A children’s cartoon series offering entertaining content for young and old at heart that will improve beginning language skills. Read Matta Review.
  • My Italian Circle — Anna offers immersive Italian language lessons, cultural explorations, and advanced comprehension techniques to enhance fluency and understanding.
  • Italy Made Easy by Manu — Offers tailored Italian language lessons for English speakers, focusing on practical communication skills from an Australian perspective.
  • Dolce Vita — Luca & Marina celebrate Italian culture and language through engaging stories, travel tips, and lessons, inviting viewers to experience the sweet life of Italy.

Italian Language & Culture Websites

Subscribing to and following Italian language and culture blogs offers continuous exposure to the language and deepens cultural understanding.

  • Studentessa Matta — Where learning meets la dolce vita! Award-winning blog about Italian language and culture. New posts in Italian every week!
  • Italian for My GirlfriendCombines hand-drawn designs and illustrations with language lessons, offering a visually engaging and memorable approach to learning and remembering Italian words. Read Matta Review.
  • I Draw Italian — A Facebook page showcasing hand-drawn designs and illustrations creatively supporting learning and memorizing Italian words.
  • Italian StackExchange — A question and answer site for those wanting to discuss in depth the finer points of the Italian language.
  • Becoming Italian Word by Word — Dianne Hales, author of “The Bella Lingua”, blogs in English highlighting Italian culture and vocabulary. Read Matta Review.
  • Giallo Zafferano — A culinary treasure trove, offering a vast collection of authentic Italian cooking and baking recipes to delight food enthusiasts. Read Matta Review.

Online Italian Language Instruction

Learning Italian with an online teacher provides personalized guidance, flexible scheduling, and targeted lessons to accelerate your language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Italian Online Language Training Sites & Apps

Using online Italian apps for conjugation and vocabulary retention offers a convenient, interactive way to strengthen language skills and ensure long-term memory through repetitive practice and engagement.

Italian Online Dictionaries, Translators, Grammar Books

Utilizing Italian language reference tools facilitates quick access to reliable information, enhances understanding of grammar and vocabulary, and supports accurate language use.

Daniela Mancini & her book ‘Il Congiuntivo’

Instagram Accounts. Jump into Insta & Learn Italian

Following Italian language learning Instagram channels combines fun visual content with educational snippets, making the journey to fluency both enjoyable and engaging through daily, bite-sized lessons.

Italian Pronunciation Practice

Recording yourself speaking a target language is a highly effective method for self- correction and improvement; simply use your smartphone to record daily tasks or readings in Italian for insightful progress.

  • Transparent Language EveryVoice — Record your voice and compare it to native speaker pronunciation.
  • iOS Voice Memo App. — Smartphone App lets you record your voice while speaking or reading aloud and evaluate yourself.
  • Forvo — Listen to native speakers pronounce Italian words to improve diction.

Italian Games Make Italian Learning “un gioco!”

Playing games in Italian not only makes learning fun and engaging but also enhances language skills through interactive storytelling and problem-solving.

Join a Conversation Group / Find Language Partners

Finding a language partner or a private tutor is crucial for breaking through inhibitions and gaining comfort in speaking; it’s the best way to improve conversation skills, enunciation, word emphasis, and phonetic recognition.

Write in Italiano! Discover your inner author!

Develop a daily writing practice in Italian. Keep an old-fashioned journal and jot down a couple of sentences about your day — it could be as simple as a short paragraph describing an activity or the weather, even a grocery list. In so doing, you work on new vocabulary and improve your grammar skills. It’s time to get creative and let those words fly — digitally or on paper!

  • Matta Facebook Page — Join the Matta Facebook community and interact with others to practice your writing skills daily on the Matta Facebook page and on the Matta website where you can leave comments in Italiano!
  • MattaTwitter Feed — Tweet in Italian — just a couple words a day keeps you in practice!
  • Keep a daily journal.
  • Write short stories, movie reviews, and even a “To Do List” in Italian

Host an Italian Exchange Student

Hosting an Italian language student enriches cultural exchange, accelerates language learning through daily conversation, and fosters lifelong friendships across cultural boundaries.

Study in Italia

Joining a small group language program and studying in Italy immerses you in authentic language and culture, accelerates learning, and fosters close-knit connections with fellow learners.