La dolce vita e la gioia di riconoscimento

La dolce vita and the joy of recognition

Awards, Honors, Achievements 

I’ve dedicated myself to celebrating Italian culture through blogs, novels, teaching, art, and immersive educational journeys to Italy. I find profound fulfillment in this work; sharing the accolades and honors it has garnered is a true delight.

Guest Posts I’ve written for other publications

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed contributing as a guest writer to various renowned blogs. This opportunity has connected me with numerous wonderful individuals who share my passion for Italy. 

Guest Post  on “Women’s Writers Group”

Marking the launch of my third novel, the Women’s Writers Group invited me to write an article about my work, inspired by the 16th-century artist Artemisia Gentileschi. In an imaginative twist, Artemisia herself pens a letter to me. 

Meeting and Interviewing Silvia Zucca, Best-selling Italian Author of “La Guida astrological per curio infant“ — now a hit series on Netflix 

I’m overjoyed to consider Silvia Zucca a friend following our interview for the Matta Book Club. She engaged deeply with our members during a comprehensive discussion and we’ve even had the pleasure of meeting in person in Milan. 

Meeting Sophia Loren!

Having the incredible opportunity to meet Sophia Loren, engaging in a conversation with her in Italian, and receiving a handwritten letter from her was an unforgettable experience! 

Meeting and Interviewing Felicia Kingsley Best-selling Italian Author of “La Prima regalia: non innamorarsi”

I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Felicia Kingsley, who joined the Matta Book Club as a guest speaker.

Studentessa Matta featured in the Austin Statesman Newspaper

2021 Studentessa Matta featured Italo-Americano Magazine

2021 “The Secret Life of Sofonoisba Anguissola” by Melissa Muldoon “Dream of Italy” Book of the month 

In 2021, my novel ‘The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola’ was honored as the ‘Dream of Italy’ Book of the Month. I had the distinct pleasure of joining Kathy McCabe, the esteemed host of the ‘Dream of Italy’ podcast, to delve into discussions about my book, and to share my love and insights on Italy, the art of writing, and the beauty of the Italian language. 

2021 Maria Liberati Show Podcast interview with Melissa Muldoon

2017 Guest Speaker at the Italian Institute in San Francisco

2018 Studentessa Matta Blog Awarded Best Resource to Learn Italian

2020 Melissa Muldoon was highlighted on Wiki.ezvid in ‘6 Female Authors with Strong Passionate Voices’

Studentessa Matta’s Blog Ranked Top 100 Language Lovers BLogs by Bab.La/Lexiophiles

For ten consecutive years, the Studentessa Matta Blog has been recognized as one of the top Italian blogs by Bab.La/Lexiophiles. 

2021 ‘Eternally Artemisia’ winner of Reader Views Gold Award For Adult Classic Fiction

2021 ‘The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola’ Winner of Reader Views Silver Award For Historical Fiction

2019 ‘Waking Isabella’ Winner of Reader Views Silver Award for Literary Fiction

Waking Isabella & Melissa Muldoon with Reader Views host Sheri Hoyt

2018 ‘Dreaming Sophia’ Winner of Reader Views Gold Award for Literary Fiction

Dreaming Sophia & Melissa Muldoon with Reader Views host Sheri Hoyt

2019 Melissa Muldoon Presented her novel ‘Waking Isabella’ in Arezzo in the Ivan Bruschi Museum

2019 ‘Eternally Artemisia’ by Melissa Muldoon was selected as the Book of the Month by the Women’s Writer Group

2017 to 2020 Melissa Muldoon Author Live Book Presentations

Melissa was invited to conduct book presentations, showcasing her work in both Italy and the U.S., with events in Rome, Montepulciano, Arezzo, San Francisco, and Austin. 

2013 & 2014 Italy Magazine Blogging Awards

  • 2014 Italy Magazine Best Single Blog Post: ART & Culture
  • 2013 Italy Magazine Blogger Award Best Art & Culture Blog

2014 Voice of Italy on the ‘Voice of Italy Twitter Feed’

In 2014, I had the privilege of leading a week of vibrant discussions as part of the rotational curation Twitter Project for Italy, specifically during the week of February 9-16, known as Week 58. As my stint came to a close, project coordinator Mattia reflected on the experience: ‘Melissa, it truly was an engaging week! Your varied comments added so much richness. Although our week together has concluded, this isn’t the farewell to our collaboration. Feel encouraged to keep engaging with the page and the project, and to keep spreading the word about our shared love for Italy. We’ll certainly keep an eye on your updates @italiamelissa, and we invite everyone to do the same!’

Radio Interviews with Melissa

2015 Radio Interview with Cher Hale about how Melissa went Matta for Italian

2017 Radio Interview with Sheri Hoyt of Reader Views with Author Melissa Muldoon about ‘Waking Isabella’ 

2019 Radio Interview with Sheri Hoyt of Reader Views with Author Melissa Muldoon about ‘Eternally Artemisia’ 

2020 Radio Interview with Sheri Hoyt of Reader Views with Author Melissa Muldoon about ‘Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola’ 

2015 Interview for INSPIRERY

2015 Interview for IdeaMensch