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Step into an online space where Italy’s charm is palpable, where you can almost catch the scent of espresso brewing and hear the buzz of Italian conversations. This is the perfect spot whether you’ve just started learning Italian or advancing toward fluency. At Studentessa Matta, learning Italian is a celebration of la dolce vita. Become a part of our lively community and go “Matta” for Italian!

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Follow the Matta blog for weekly posts in Italian and English. There is always something blooming! Read articles in Italian focusing on grammar lessons, motivational learning advice, culture, and art.


Experience an immersive Italian Homestay where you learn the language by living with your teacher and embracing Italian family life. Live like a local, and enhance your language skills in an authentic setting.

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Explore Italy with a Matta Small Group language immersion program. Afternoon activities follow morning studies so you can practice what you learn. Get off the typical tourist path & discover Italy’s hidden gems

Learn Online with Melissa

Ready to take your Italian to a new level Whether you’re just starting out or an advanced learner, I’m here to support your journey through online lessons and conversation practice.

La Matta!

Ciao! Io sono Melissa, la Matta!

Hi! I’m Melissa, la Matta! 

“Matta” translates to “crazy” in Italian, and I am truly crazy about Italy and its language! I’ve embraced the challenge of mastering this beautiful language—going from zero to fluent in just a few years—and I am eager to assist you in doing the same. Think of me as your guide, providing grammar explanations, improving pronunciation, exploring culture, and offering immersive learning experiences at home & in Italy.

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Study in Italy

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Go beyond textbooks and online classes into the heart of Italy with our small group immersion programs. Experience the culture and language firsthand, embracing la dolce vita as you enhance your Italian fluency!

“What a perfect way to experience Italy and to nurture my learning experiences with the Italian language!” -Therese

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At Home in Italy!

Live & Learn in the Home of An Italian Teacher.

Immerse yourself in Italian culture by staying with a local family during your vacation! Enjoy the warmth of Italian hospitality and live “la vita familiare,” enriching your understanding of the Italian language in a truly authentic setting. Choose from various Homestay locations throughout Italy, from Milan to Sicily.

Impara l’italiano con Melissa

Learn Italian with Melissa at Home and in Italy

Are you tired of feeling lost in translation with your Italian language skills? Can you understand Italian, but when you speak, you get tongue-tied? Whether you are a new or an advanced student, I am here to help you practice and improve your Italian.

Vivi l’Italia, parla italiano!

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