Lezioni di Italiano, Coaching e Conversazione

Italian Lessons, Coaching & Conversation

Eager to chat but have no one to practice with? Puzzled by Italian grammar? Let “la Matta” assist you!

Does this ring a bell?

“I’m eager to maintain my Italian, but have no one to practice with,” or “I can read and understand Italian when I open my mouth, I get tongue-tied,” and “I wish I had someone to help me decipher Italian grammar!”

Eccomi! Sono qui per aiutarti! Facciamo due chiacchiere e studiamo  l’italiano insieme! 

I’m here to help you! Let’s chat and study Italian together!

Italian Conversation

When you sign up for a Conversation course with La Matta, here’s what you’ll experience: Engaging chats about daily life and current events to enhance your spontaneous speaking and conversation skills. We’ll tackle any grammar challenges you face, dive into new vocabulary and idioms, and even boost your reading comprehension and pronunciation perfection. Get ready for a comprehensive and enjoyable journey to Italian fluency!

Italian Language Lesson

Tailored Italian lessons just for you! Boost your reading, writing, and listening skills, covering grammar tenses, prepositions, pronouns, articles, and vocabulary. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, I’m here to help with pronunciation, articles, verb conjugations, and even advanced topics like il congiuntivo and conditional tenses!

Boost your Italian with la Matta Coaching & Language lessons

Customized lessons or dedicated conversation sessions tailored just for you. Choose from one-hour sessions or customizable packages to match your preferences and goals.

One Hour

Ready to begin! Fantastico! Reserve a one-hour time slot by clicking the button below to make a payment. Once Melissa confirms your registration and payment, she’ll work with you to schedule a convenient date and time that fits your schedule seamlessly.

Questions? Contact Melissa here.

Cancellation Policy. Melissa is flexible & happy to rebook a call if a student can’t make an appointment. However, she reserves the right not to refund the session for same-day cancellations or those canceled without prior contact.


Get into the rhythm and keep the momentum going! Andiamo! Reserve lesson packages of 5, 10, 15, 20, or more by clicking the button below to make a payment. After Melissa confirms your registration and payment, she’ll collaborate with you to schedule a date and time that suits your schedule perfectly. Subsequent appointments can be arranged based on your availability – whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed.

Language doldrums got you down. Lost at sea without a paddle? 

Cat got your tongue?

Feeling hesitant to speak Italian, worried about sounding silly? Partnering with a supportive language companion allows you to practice freely in a safe space. As you gain confidence, learn to relax and have fun, you will overcome your fear of conversing.

Feeling frustrated?

Are you forgetting what you learned just a few weeks ago, leaving your language skills feeling rusty? Partnering up with a language companion can help you overcome these hurdles by reinforcing vocabulary and grammar, allowing you to keep progressing on your language learning journey.

Losing Motivation?

You love speaking Italian, but the lack of practice opportunities in your community demotivates you. By teaming up with a consistent or occasional language partner, you’ll rediscover the drive to maintain your language skills! It fuels your language learning train, and learning becomes FUN again.

Allow me to guide you on your journey to Italy through language!

Let’s Learn!

Let’s Chat
Facciamo due chiacchiere

I’m all about boosting your Italian skills!

Envision your progress through relaxed conversations with a compassionate, skilled tutor. Picture the satisfaction as your confidence rises, your fluency improves, and your passion for learning reignites.

Whether you’re just starting or aiming for fluency, I’m here to enhance your Italian skills with tailored conversation sessions or personalized lessons!

Direct from la Matta headquarters! Discover Melissa’s insights into Italian language learning in this video message.

What Students Say

“Melissa was very helpful and thorough and the best tutor I’ve ever had.”
10/13/2023 Nancy J. — 5-Stars

“Melissa is fantastic! Really layed down the ground work for Italian in an approachable and clear way. Looking forward to future lessons with her!”
4/28/2023 Amy M. — 5-Stars

“I love learning the Italian language and I’m very happy with Melissa.”
6/5/2022 – Crystal T. — 5-Stars

“Melissa was very helpful and had a great attitude. She was always open to answering any questions I had. She was very flexible and accommodating and helped further my Italian knowledge.”
5/8/2022 Darcy V. (NYU Student) — 5-Stars

“Melissa is very patient, and a wonderful teacher. I enjoy all our sessions.”
3/17/2022 – Phyllis S. — 5-Stars

“Melissa was fantastic. Love, love her. She related beautifully to Marcello. He was smiling the entire session. She made the session informative and fun. She is awesome.”
— 5-Stars

“Melissa is an incredible tutor, she makes Conversational Italian fun and accessible. Our sessions fly by…”
6/5/2022 – Marc D. — 5-Stars

“I love that we start every class with a short convo. It forces me to actually speak as opposed to reading and writing.
11/8/2022 – Laura G.  — 5-Stars

“Love the approach we are taking to learning. So looking forward to knowing more Italian.”
4/29/2022 – Tonya D. — 5-Stars

“Melissa has been an excellent tutor. She has extraordinary patience and knows just what I need to improve my Italian skills.”
1/3/2022 – Paula B. — 5-Stars

“I’ve been working with Melissa for a couple months now. I see a huge improvement with my language skills. She’s an excellent teacher and I would recommend her to any one “
12/19/2022 Colette D. — 5-Stars

“Melissa makes learning Italian fun. She does not pressure me.”
6/5/2022 – Donna W. — 5-Stars

“Melissa is amazing! She loves the language, the culture and all things Italian! She has lots of energy and patience. I recommend anyone who is thinking about a study trip in Italy to reach out to her.”
2/18/2022 – Jackie M. — 5-Stars