Impara l’italiano con Melissa

Learn Italian with Melissa

When the celebrated cellist Pablo Casals was asked why he persisted in practicing at 90, he simply replied, ‘Because I think I’m making progress.’

The mastery of a new skill requires persistence and practice

Like Casals’ dedication to his craft shows, mastery in any field—playing a musical instrument, excelling in golf, or perfecting culinary skills—requires persistent practice. Learning a language is no different. It doesn’t happen overnight. As children spend years absorbing and practicing before speaking fluently, language learners must also patiently cultivate and nurture their skills. Each hour of practice is a step forward, building the foundation for fluency and confidence in a new language.

I provide a variety of methods to ensure your Italian continues to flourish and expand, igniting your enthusiasm for ongoing practice and skill refinement, no matter if you’re 10 or 110!

Small Group Italian Language Programs in Italy

Travel with me to Learn in Italy! The 2024 Matta Italian Language programs are now available to sign up for! 

Italian Lessons and conversation with Melissa

Chat with me in Italian OR Sign up for One-On-One Italian Coaching/Tutoring Session

Italian Language Homestay Vacations

Live and study in Italy in the Home of an Italian Teacher—locations all over Italy from Milano to Sicilia

Join the “Matta” Leggiamo Italian Language Book Club!

What a novel idea! The Matta Italian Book Club gathers to read and discuss Italian literature.

Melissa’s Italian Learning Resources

Dual-Language Blog

Every week, the Matta Blog features fresh posts in both Italian and English. Dive into the vibrant world of Italian culture, music, art, and wine, along with travel highlights, current events, and practical tips for language learning.

Matta YouTube Channel

The Matta YouTube Channel boosts your listening skills with engaging videos and bilingual transcripts. Dive into a mix of fun, educational content, from navigating train stations to cooking up Sicilian delights!

Matta Podcast

Turn your car rides into Italian learning sessions with the Studentessa Matta Podcast. Each episode offers a chance to improve your Italian, whether you’re mastering idioms or diving into culture, all while beating the steering wheel blues!

Melissa on Instagram

Explore Italy through the Matta Instagram feed, where every photo, grammar meme, and blog post highlight transports you to the heart of Italian culture. You, too, can go a little “matta” by leaving comments in Italian to practice and polish your language skills!

Matta Facebook page

Enjoy the beauty of Italy with lovely photos, engaging blog posts, and clever grammar memes posted on the Matta Facebook page, where connecting with friends fosters a vibrant community. Comment or ask questions to finely tune your language skills!

Melissa on X/twitter

The Matta Twitter feed chirps daily about Italy. Practicing your Italian in just 280 characters per tweet nudges you closer to fluency, making every post a valuable step in your language journey!

Melissa on Pinterest

The Matta Pinterest Pages shine with breathtaking images of Italy, visual companions to Melissa’s novels. Each pin captures the food, sights, places, and characters woven into her stories, transporting you across the rich tapestry of Italy’s past and present.

read ‘Il Risveglio di

“Il risveglio di Isabella” (“Waking Isabella”) by Melissa Muldoon leads you to Arezzo, Italy, to uncover the mystery of Isabella de Medici’s lost painting. This story interlaces history, art, and the Joust of the Saracens, immersing you in Italian with every page.