Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta

Eccoci a Lucca! Questa settimana mi trovo di nuovo a Lucca con un nuovo gruppo degli studenti. Studiamo insieme a Lucca Italian School e viviamo la vita Lucchese.

Here we are in Lucca! This week I find myself once again in Lucca with a new group of students. We are studying together at Lucca Italian school and we are living like the Lucchese.

Questo pomeriggio ho fatto questo piccolo
video vicino a piazza San Michele.
A little video I made this afternoon near Piazza San Michele.
Stiamo facendo tante belle cose. Ecco un piccolo
assaggio di quello che abbiamo fatto questa settimana.

Here is a little taste of what
we have been up to this week.

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta

Facciamo lezioni alla scuola di lingua e
facciamo lezioni di cucinare in fattoria.

We are taking language lessons at the School and cooking
lessons in the countryside in a farmhouse.


Mangiamo bene in ristorante e trattorie. Facciamo
degustazioni di vini nelle colline Lucchese.

We are eating well in restaurants and trattorie.
We are having wine tastings in the Lucchese hills.


Dal marmo alla sabbia! Abbiamo fatto una gita nelle
montane di Carrara a Fantiscritti e poi siamo andati al mare a Lerici.

From marble to sand! We visited the mountains in Carrara
a Fantiscritti and then we went to the beach in Lerici.


È sempre bellisimo stare a Lucca con gli amici!
It’s always a pleasure to be in Lucca with friends!

Per sapere più della nostra programma cliccate qui

Andare in bici sulle mura di Lucca / biking the wall in Lucca

La leggenda di Lucida Mansi

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  1. My husband Art and I were 2 of the lucky participants. If I had to pick a highlight from this adventure it would most certainly be the people! Our group, our teachers , our guides…Of course the venues were wonderful, hotel could not be more comfortable, Inviting, beautiful and perfectly located. The school is in a nutshell , engaging, enthralling, the location, building, teachers and teaching methods were a delightful surprise. And then there’s Lucca. A hidden gem. An unexpected taste of Tuscany ( literally and figuratively) without the overwhelming tourist onslaught expected in summer. The food is exquisite, the streets, the history, the locals, the WALL! The wall people! A medieval bulwark disguised as a park surrounding the entire city helped us work off the amazing food, cooked for, and, by us in amazing restaurants and organic wineries. But Melissa is the central force behind this success. The perfect hostess with boundless energy, bubbling enthusiasm, and attention to detail is the key to success. Thank you Melissa, for an amazing experience.

    1. Ciao Micaela and Art! It was my extreme pleasure to have you both on board for this trip to Lucca! What fun to spend time together in one of the loveliest Italian towns in Italy! You both are delightful! I look forward to staying in touch! Un grande abbraccio! Melissa

  2. Hi Melissa,,
    I’ve been reading your blogs for over 5 years. – I enjoy them.
    I have been studying Italian for about 8 years and would love to go on one of your trips. I have been teaching music at least he University of Green Bay for 26 years and I’m close to retirement.
    My grandparents on my father’s side were born in Piana degli Albanese ( Sicily) my mom’s parents were born in the very south part of the country.
    Thanks ,
    John Salerno