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CyberItalian offers varying types of instruction: Self-Study Courses, Tutored Courses, Private Lessons & Italian Coaching Programs.

In May of 2009 I took my first on-line course with Cyber Italian and I thought it was wonderful! I like the idea of working on-line at my convenience & the flexibility of moving at my own pace through the well thought out Italian exercises. I thought the material was fun, whimsical & innovative. CyberItalian mixes language learning
with Italian history and cultural lessons songs and interesting insights about the country which I enjoyed and was a real plus for me! I chose to work with a tutor and she gave me the opportunity to have more personal interaction and the opportunity to speak with her personally in on-line chat sessions.

In 2013 I studied directly with the director of Cyber Italian – Maura Garau. I participated in one of Cyber Italians  Italian Coaching Programs: “Life the Italian Way”. In this particular Italian seminar through watching and the analysis of famous Italian movies together with Maura I explored Italian daily life-style and how the values of Italian tradition help us to understand modern Italian life. Maura sends you all the films, you watch, write about them and discuss them with Maura via Skype sessions.

Student Testimonials:

Teaching is an art form and Maura is a master of the art. If your passion is to explore the beauty of Italy’s language and culture, you will be in the hands of a teacher who has a profound understanding of Italy’s humanistic heritage. And for the diligent student, she can offer you the keys to open that treasure using the most beautiful language in the world. – Gerald Vincent

Maura Garau has a strong desire to enhance the quality of life of others, and that desire is the basis for her unique approach of teaching the Italian language and culture through her company, CyberItalian. Her creativity, her strength of character, her world-class skills as a teacher, her passion for life, her dedication to her family, her life’s pursuit of her own continuing education, her personal understanding of the essence of life and of human interaction, her genuine concern for others and her contagious sincerity are all qualities that make Maura so much more than a “Renaissance Woman”. I guarantee that if you have a relationship with Maura, it is one that is not only mutually beneficial, it is one that you will always cherish. – Charles T. Chiarello

Watch this video filmed in the Villa Borghese and meet Maura Garau – Cyber Italian Founder and ItalianLanguage Coach.

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