yabla-learn-italian-online-authentic-videos-tv-programsYabla Learn Italian online with authentic videos and TV programs

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Language Immersion Through YABLA Online Video. The revolutionary way to immerse yourself in a foreign language! Only Yabla language immersion sites give you authentic television, music videos, drama, interviews, travel, and Yabla exclusive shoots from throughout the world. Yabla’s unique player technology is designed with language learners in mind: Slow Play, Integrated Dictionaries, Listening Game, Dual Language Subtitles, and more.I think Yabla is a great way to further immerse yourself in language learning. I am a subscriber! I wrote about Yabla Italian learn online: check it out! The most authentic way to learn a foreign language

Exert taken from my post about Yabla online Language Immersion: The other day I received an ad in my mail box from “Italian.yabla”. Yabla? What a strange name. Being rather curious I clicked on the link inside the e-mail that took me to Yabla where I discovered a fantastic website that offers online Italian Video Immersion!

It’s a perfect site for Italian students who want to improve their linguistic competence. There are authentic videos that include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries and travel and tourism. But if you want to know the most useful and unique thing about this site, it’s that every video has captions and a way to play the video at different speeds without changing the pitch. There is an integrated dictionary and listening exercises. Every week new videos come out, so the material is always fresh and interesting.

They say that learning a language is almost like going to the gym. It’s important to go every day. But language learning shouldn’t be boring and routine. Recently I changed my routine at the gym because I was tired of doing the same thing every time. For the same reason I was looking for a new “game” to nudge me along in my language learning. So I decided to register with Yabla. I found out that it’s possible to subscribe for one month, six months or a year. I can also cancel my subscription after 7 days if I don’t like it. So it really seems worth giving it a try. Listening, reading, seeing and interaction are very effective for retaining information. On the Yabla site I read that:

“Recent research has shown that mechanical memorization of grammar rules is less important than one thinks. Few people can read about subjects like the imperfect or the subjunctive and be able to recognize them, and use them instinctively. We don’t deny the importance of learning grammar, but research experiments have shown that students, who drastically change their ways of learning from traditional methods to multimodal immersion, actually surpass their contemporaries in the ability to understand and use complex grammatical forms. In short, learning the rules of a language is not the same thing as learning a language by using the language.”