Photo Credit: Elisabetta Maccani

Can you understand Italian, but struggle with speaking?

Are you afraid to
make mistakes?

Do you struggle with speaking Italian in real situations?

Photo Credit: Elisabetta Maccani

If you answered Yes to these questions, perhaps you’d benefit from an online course with Elisabetta Maccani. Eli is an energetic and sympathetic language coach who offers an exclusive opportunity for those who would like to improve their language skills.

Eli’s program takes you from being uncomfortable and struggling to communicate to being 100% confident with your Italian level so that you can contribute to conversations successfully in daily life situations.

Stop struggling and discover how
easy learning Italian can be!

Take it from Steve who just completed Eli’s course and who is a follower of the Studentessa Matta Blog!

I think the best endorsement for a
language teacher is from a contented students!

Here is a letter Steve wrote to me to let me know that he you thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Eli’s course from language learning to meeting new friends in other parts of the world!

Ciao Melissa,

After finding Elisabetta Maccani on your wonderful blog which I’ve followed for years, I signed up with her and 2 other learners. Could you share with your readers that we all thought it was great meeting Elisabetta and her course gave us the confidence to keep on striving to follow our own Italian language dream and to never give up. I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Thanks Melissa , from following you I have opened up new friendships in Italy , U.S.A and Germany from my home town of Port Talbot in South Wales U.K. 

Un caro salute, Steve

Here is a message from Stacy from Washington, D.C.!

I recommend Eli’s Italian Program without any hesitation!

I have studied Italian for almost three years. I have studied grammar, read stories, and participated in all kinds of courses to increase my listening and off-the-cuff speaking skills. But I never felt at all comfortable in the everyday situations encountered while out-and-about in Italy. Where’s the best place to buy prosciutto?

I was used to practicing every day but Eli provided me the focus I was missing with respect to WHAT to study. Having specific topics AND being accountable to the group (in the sense of wanting to be a constructive participant) has been enormously helpful. It’s funny, but now when I’m walking somewhere, I think in Italian directions 😃 Or in the grocery store, the phrases we have learned are easy to revisit. These are just a few examples, but they’re a wonderful indication that I AM learning the situational vocabulary I so badly wanted to learn.

The simulations, in challenging us to use the vocabulary and concepts presented, helped us to learn and to become more comfortable speaking in everyday situations while providing Eli the opportunity to point out any nuances we missed in our conversations. They also made us think on our feet, which is exactly what we would be doing when traveling in Italy.

If you are on the fence about signing up for Eli’s F&C Program, my parting advice is to stop thinking and get on board. Nervous? I was too. But learning a language really does require stepping outside your comfort zone, and Eli’s “space” is a safe one in which your knowledge of Italian will grow exponentially, and with it, your confidence. As an added bonus, you’ll make some great new friends along the way!

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta

Sei interessato? Bene!!!

Puoi andare avanti e prenotare una chiamata sul calendario di Eli su Calendly qui. (I tempi verranno convertiti in modo da non doverti preoccupare delle differenze di orario.) Dille che hai appreso dell’opportunità da Melissa sul sito di Studentessa Matta e lei ti darà attenzione speciale!

Are you’re interested in learning with Eli, too? Great! You can go ahead and book a call on Eli’s Calendly calendar here. (times will be converted so you don’t have to worry about time differences.) Mention you learned about the opportunity from Melissa on the Studentessa Matta Website and she will give you special attention!

Fai una breve chiacchierata con Eli per sapere di più e se vorresti essere qualcuno che può beneficiare del programma.

Chat with Eli to see if you are a fit and would be someone who can benefit from the program.

Photo Credit: Elisabetta Maccani

And of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to respond to me here!

Sono sempre disponibile per fare un chat con te e aiutarti migliorare la tua abilità linguistica. Puoi anche prenotare una chiamata con me sul mio calendario Calendly.

I’m always available to chat with you and help you practice as well. You can book an informational call with me on my Calendly calendar too.

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