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Lo scorso febbraio ho scritto un post su HiNative, un’applicazione che è progettata per essere utilizzata dagli studenti delle lingue per ottenere risposte rapide alle loro domande e altre curiosità da madrelingua. Le domande non sono solo limitate su alla lingua e alla grammatica, ma possono essere anche domande sulla cultura e sui costumi specifici di un Paese.

Last February wrote a post about HiNative, a language app that is designed to connect language students with native speakers, in order to get quick answers to language questions. The great thing about his app is that your questions don’t have to be limited to just grammar and language, you can also pose questions about a country’s cultural practices and customs.

Uso l’app da quando ho scritto il post e sono lieta di comunicare che sto avendo risultati molto soddisfacenti. La reazione della comunità di HiNative è fantastica! Si ottengono delle risposte alle vostre domande urgenti in poco tempo!

I have been using the program since I first wrote the blog post and I am pleased to report that I am having very satisfying results. The responsiveness of the HiNative community is GREAT! You can expect answers to your burning questions in a very short time.

Image Credit: HiNative

Dopo aver pubblicato i miei pensieri iniziali su HiNative quasi sei mesi fa, da allora ho comunicato direttamente con Kinichi Komatsuzaki, una delle forze creative di HiNative. Lui è molto gentile e mi ha offerto di scrivere alcune righe se stesso per il blog Matta. Eccolo:

After posting my initial thoughts about HiNative almost six months ago, since then I have exchanged several emails with Kinichi Komatsuzaki, one of the creative forces behind HiNative. He is very kind and even offered to write a few lines for the Matta Blog. Here is Kinichi:

I think while learning languages, people will often come up with seemingly awkward questions on various things. No matter how many Italian friends you have, sometimes it can be a nuisance to ask them specific grammar rules or explain the nuance of a phrase that you don’t understand. Sometimes it feels awkward to interrupt them during the flow of a real conversation. Or sometimes it can be a frustrating experience when you are studying by yourself and you have a question, and there is no one nearby to clarify or explain something you don’t understand.

Now, however, there is “HiNative”! It is an app for your phone or tablet and you can freely ask questions and receive answers from the HiNative community of language learners, whenever like, wherever you are.

Our goal at HiNative is pretty simple. We would like to be the number one language-learning service in the world. We want to grow our community to strengthen our resource base of language learners. If more people are connected via “HiNative” community, more questions will be answered more easily and quickly. It is a pretty simple, but effective idea!

If we are asked how to distinguish ourselves, I am going to say our plan is to build a community, not just a web or phone app. We rely on our users to tell us how the app should expand and how it should be used. Even now, we have already translated HiNative into 5 other languages solely with the support of our users who want to help our community grow. We keep on looking for new ways to keep offering you the best HiNative experience we can.

Grazie mille Kinichi! Penso che stiate creando una comunità fantastica degli studenti che vogliono interagire tra loro per rispondere alle domande sulle lingue e sulle culture.

Thanks so much, Kinichi! I think you are creating a fantastic community of language learners who want to interact with one another to answer questions about languages and cultures.

HiNative is a FREE app. You can start using it by following this link! 

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