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Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta & Elisabetta Maccani

Elisabetta Maccani’s Masterclass is back: Italian Fluency & Confidence.

The Italian Fluency & Confidence program starts September 12. You can still signup to take part in this unique program.

Stavo chiacchierando con Elisabetta l’altro giorno, che è un’esperta quando si tratta di formazione in lingua italiana per adulti stranieri. Probabilmente la conosci già, dato che mi ha intervistato pochi mesi fa sul suo canale YouTube, Italiano con Eli TV.

I was chatting with Elisabetta Maccani the other day, an expert in Italian language training for foreign adults. You probably already know her since she interviewed me some months ago on her YouTube channel, Italiano con Eli TV.

A proposito, dai un’occhiata! Tutti i suoi video hanno sottotitoli in italiano e inglese! Molto utile!

By the way, check it out! All her videos have Italian and English subtitles! Very helpful!

Mentre stavamo chattando, Elisabetta mi ha fatto sapere che, ancora una volta, sta lanciando il suo programma esclusivo con spot molto limitati per le persone che vogliono:

While we were chatting, Elisabetta let me know that once again, she is launching her exclusive program with very limited spots for people who want to:

  • overcome the fear of speaking in Italian
  • being able to communicate with people in Italy (in restaurants, shops, on the street, etc.)
  • share this experience with others (an African proverb that I love says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with other people”)
  • starting a structured and focused path with a specific goal (without jumping from one topic to another as often happens with self-learning)

Her program takes you from being uncomfortable and struggling to communicate to being 100% confident with your Italian level so that you can contribute to conversations successfully in Italian daily life.

This is a list of what you get when you enroll in Eli’s Program:

  • you will learn to speak Italian in the most common daily situations (as we Italians do in reality, not as it is written in books), so the next time you’ll come to Italy you will enter an Italian restaurant or shop and talk feeling confident
  • you will have someone by your side (Eli, of course! 😉) who will constantly correct you, so you will become aware of the mistakes you make (it’s bad not to know if we are saying something wrong, right?)
  • you will become part of a group of people with the same goal as you, that is using Italian to communicate with others in an active way (and not just to do grammar exercises)
  • you can stay in touch every day with me and with the other participants through the private Facebook group (on Saturdays and Sundays you will rest, of course!), so you will always have a reference point and a reliable source in case of doubts
  • you will have at your disposal a safe space in which you can express yourself freely, so you can share uncertainties and any difficulties without being judged
  • you can access the 8 modules that make up the program 24 hours a day, so you can decide to follow the lessons on the online portal when and where you want
  • you will participate in two fluency sessions per week, so you can practice constantly and simulate real conversations while living in another country
  • you can count on the help of a Language coach with more than 10 years of experience and with a very high command of English and Spanish, so you will become much more aware of the interference errors, if you speak one of these two languages.

And since Eli wants you to be completely without risk, she will give you a 14 day money back guarantee.

If, after working on the first modules of the program – also participating in the two weekly practice sessions (fluency session) – you are not completely satisfied, Eli will refund the money spent.

But remember! This is a program for people with an A2 level or above.

The Italian Fluency & Confidence program starts September 12. You can still signup to take part in this unique program.

What others are saying about Eli’s Program:

Here is a list of people who have already attended this program. Here’s what they say. Let’s start with Jim:

Jim: Elisabetta’s  F&C Program was nothing short of amazing. With exceptional, detailed written materials and a teaching methodology designed to boost confidence while speaking, I took the book learning and put it into practice, thanks to the class! It was a huge value. During my recent trip to Naples and Ischia I felt comfortable to converse and was able to get around in confidence. Essential for anyone who worries about speaking and comprehension in Italian.

Joseph: I recently finished the Fluency and Confidence Program with Eli. Because of the program, my confidence level has grown tremendously. I’ve learned that becoming fluent in a language is not just about understanding and knowing grammar, but being able to utilize that grammar freely.  There’s a flow and an ease that needs to be obtained and the program helped me with that flow.

Steve: I would recommend the Fluency and Confidence Programme I did with Eli. Although I have been an Italian language learner for many years, I felt that I hadn’t moved beyond a certain level in my speaking or listening in Italian freely enough to feel confident in different situations. Eli gave me the confidence to feel sure of myself and I would recommend her as a language coach. This was the boost I really needed.

Dirk: I would recommend the F&C Italian Program. The reason is simple: I have significantly improved my Italian within a short period of time!

Stacy: I would recommend Fluency & Confidence Italian Program without any hesitation! I have studied Italian for almost three years. I have studied grammar, read stories, and participated in all kinds of courses to increase my listening and off-the-cuff speaking skills. But I never felt at all comfortable in the everyday situations encountered while out-and-about in Italy. F&C provided me the focus and the tools I needed to become comfortable in these situations.

Read more testimonials on Eli’s site

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