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Where are you on your Italian language journey?

Do you wish you could improve
your command of the Italian language?

Seite frustrate perché il vostro vocabolario non è così ampio come vorreste? State lottando con fastidiosi tempi grammaticali e vorreste poter fare conversazione con un italiano che intontrate in Italia? Siete arrabbiati con voi stessi perché sembra che facciate due passi Avanti e poi cinque indietro quando si tratta di ricordare cose che pensate di dover già sapere — come quale verbo ausiliario usare nel passato o come cambiate il verbo nel condizionale?

Are you frustrated because your vocabulary isn’t as extensive as you’d like? Are you struggling with pesky grammar tenses and wish you could hold a conversation with an Italian you meet in Italy? Are you angry with yourself because it seems you take two steps forward and then five backward when it comes to remembering things you think you should already know — like which auxiliary verb to use in the past tense, or how the verb changes in the conditional?

Photo Credit, Studentessa Matta, Deposit Photo

I know what you are feeling. I really do!

These are all things I struggled with when I first began learning Italian. In fact, the first year I decided to start learning Italian, I was afraid to open my mouth and speak, for fear of sounding ridiculous. I didn’t think I had a talent for learning Italian, and at first, couldn’t make heads or tails out of all the grammar constructions. (Believe me four years of high school German did nothing to booster my language learning confidence.)

What did I do to move my language forward?

Everything imaginable! I began focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking Italian.

Then I began this blog. And then, I started traveling extensively in Italy.

That was about 9 years ago – no wait 10 years ago! Time flies when you are learning a language!

The blog gave me the incentive to post something in Italian and forced me to learn new words, work on grammar skills and write my thoughts in a way an Italian would express them (I’m still working on that – believe me there are so many cultural nuances and idioms!)

Traveling in Italy gave me the confidence to hold meaningful conversations with Italians. And when I say meaningful… I MEAN it! I went from shyly exchanging a greeting with the person at the cash register or mumbling a request for a table reservation with a maître d’— to presenting my novel set in Italy, in front of a large Italian audience – in Italian.

Photo Credit, Studentessa Matta

So, when I say to you beginning language learners… and you mid-range language students who feel stuck or feel you have hit the proverbial language learning wall, I’VE BEEN EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE! I was frustrated, disillusioned, and continuously looking for new methods and quick fixes. I was always searching for the proverbial silver “language” bullet that would transform me from stumbling around trying to piece together words in Italian to a brilliant conversationalist (again still working on that!)

The fact of the matter is that
learning a language is hard work.

It takes dedication. You have to work at it every single day. I know, it’s challenging… but I also know how rewarding it can be if you keep at it.

So, let me be your guide to Italy
and Italian language immersion!

Photo Credit, Studentessa Matta, Deposit Photo
You already follow me on the Matta blog…
and on the Matta Youtube Channel…
but let’s take it a step further.

Let’s travel to Italy together
in 2020 and work on our
language skills together.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to meet in person and spend time together in Italy while exploring the country, its culture, and its language? I encourage you to consider two ideal opportunities to study with me in Italy in 2020! I’ve collaborated with my partner Italian schools, and we have designed two language immersion programs with you in mind!

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Arezzo : June 13 – 25

13 Days / 12 Nights / 9 Language Classes / 9 Dinners / Accommodations

Photo Credit, Studentessa Matta

Lucca : September 18 – 27

10 Days / 9 Nights / 5 Days Language Classes / 6 Dinners

To learn more, and to talk, let’s schedule a chat via phone! I’d want you to have the best Italian language learning experience possible — and together, we can make that happen in Italy.

To schedule a call, click on my Calendly link

Karina Kagramanova – Montepulciano Il Sasso Program 2018 has been the best trip of my life! and this is despite the fact, that my flight was substantially delayed and I arrived 24 hours later, and my luggage has been lost for 5 days! From the moment I heard Melissa’s podcast, I felt I found my kindred spirit. An incredible woman with infinite love for Italy and the Italian language. This program was worth every cent I spent and even more. Everything was so thoughtful, not only we had interesting excursions but also trips to bio farm, cooking lessons, and wine tasting. The excursions, views, and dinners were fabulous!

Sheree Isola – I have participated in three of melissa‘s programs in Italy. They have all been fascinating and fun. Melissa took great care to find activities that appealed to all the different ages and personalities of the people who participated in the programs. Every day is filled with opportunities to learn about Italy’s beautiful art, architecture, language, and culture. Melissa makes you feel like you were a part of Italy and not just a tourist. I hope to join Melissa in many more of her language and culture programs.

Jeannene McMurchy – Melissa organized a wonderful trip to Arezzo. The accommodations were great! Our B&B was well located and Barbara and her father were lovely hosts who really went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. The language school was also wonderful. Paula the director has an excellent staff. I very much enjoyed our daily classes that were well taught by fun and engaging teachers. Melissa planed interesting daily activities as well as fantastic meals. We were certainly never hungry! Bravo Melissa e mille graze for an unforgettable trip!

For more reviews click here

Andiamo in Italia insieme!

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