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Oggi vorrei presentarvi Sofie! Lei è una donna americana che adesso abita a Roma. Si è trasferita nel Bel Paese per amore — amore per l’Italia, la lingua, la città di Roma…e per l’amore di un uomo italiano. Sofie crea video sul suo canale Youtube: Sofie’s World. Potete trovarla nel suo canale dove parla di Roma e della sua nuova avventura in Italia. In questo post Sofie spiega come ha cambiato il suo stile di vita e che sta facendo adesso. Parla anche del suo viaggio dell’apprendimento dell’italiano.

Today I would like to present Sofie to you all! She is an American who now lives in Rome. She moved to Italy for love…love of Italy, the language, Rome…and for the love of an Italian man. Sofie makes Youtube Videos on her channel Sofie’s World. You can find her there talking about Rome and her new Italian adventure. In this guest post, Sofie explains how she changed her life and what she is doing now. She also talks about her her journey to learn Italian.

Ecco Sofie!

Buongiorno, Roma.

I sit here sipping my cappuccino di soia in my Roman apartment my fidanzato and I rent together. It’s early morning; the sun still has yet to rise. Ancora sto aspettando l’alba’ I’m playing over and over in my head the dream I had last night- and I keep telling myself it’s impossible, but I’m 99% sure I dreamt IN Italian. Ho sognato in italiano?! Ma com’è possibile? This for me is a huge success, as I came here almost 3 years ago barely knowing how to form a sentence in the language! Now, you’re probably wondering- ‘What’s an American girl doing living in Rome?’ And you’re also probably thinking, ‘Ah, it must have been for AMORE.’ Right? Well, you are indeed right! My life is an American romance novel cliché. Well, sort of.

Photo Credit: Sofie’s World

Let me tell you a little story.

It all started when I was in my 3rd job out of college. I was doing phone sales for a travel company in Boston. Day in and day out, I would walk to work, sit at my desk and begin dialing. 2 years of the same routine, I started to feel like a robot. Che noia! Don’t get me wrong- I was content with my life. I had an amazing group of friends, a good paying job, a cozy apartment, and amazing vacation time. But was I really, truly happy?

I’ve always been one to seek adventure, to seek the unknown. So, what did I do? I quit my job and decided to move to Rome. Yes, there was a man involved that sparked the decision (and now we’re getting married!) but I’ve always had a special pull to Italy. I left for Rome with 4 suitcases, no savings, and no job.

Photo Credit: Sofie’s World

It was probably the scariest moment in my life. Che paura! Having studied Italian in university and growing up with a few words being used here and there with my mother being the second generation, I have always wanted to master the language. And by the master, I mean having Italians not realize they’re speaking with an American J

The first few months were difficult. My fiancé was always out of town for business and his family doesn’t speak a lick of English. So, I was constantly around a group of people who only spoke Italian and didn’t understand me if I was trying to explain something in English. I ate, lived, and breathed Italian from morning tonight. When there wasn’t a word I knew, I would have to mime or use another simple Italian vocabulary to get to the word I was searching for. Sure, it’s terrifying at first- you are completely out of your comfort zone and you feel so vulnerable and almost childish not being able to communicate in sophisticated ways you’re used to in your mother tongue. Friends, I can tell you that THIS is how you truly learn and master a language.

Photo Credit: Sofie’s World

I am coming up on my 3rd year anniversary living in Rome and all I can think is- where has the time gone? It has flown by. There have been good, bad, and extremely difficult times being in a completely new and different place, and so far away from family. However, I can now proudly tell you that I have mastered l’italiano! When speaking with locals, I never get American but I usually a, “Ma di dove sei? Hai un accento un po’ particolare- sei spagnola o sudamericana?”

Photo Credit: Sofie’s World

Grazie Sofie per aver condiviso la tua storia con noi. Ti auguro tanta felicità! You can find Sofie on her Youtube Channel where she chats about her life experiences and living in Rome. Her Youtube Channel is Sofie’s World:

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  1. When I first read the title I thought you were talking about your Sophia. I bought the book and I holding it as my reward to get my work done. I’ve got several projects I’m working on and the minute I’m done I’ll be starting on it. Un abbraccio forte!!

    1. Sembra una coincidenza, no? Seems I have a special place in my heart for girls named Sophia!!! LOL I love reading THIS Sophia’s story and getting to know a little more about her Italian adventure. She is a lovely girl and I’m quite envious of her life in Rome! 🙂

      Thank you for buying my book “Dreaming Sophia!” Enjoy your trip to Italy with my Sophia too! Let me know how you like it when you finish! Ci sentiamo!