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It’s time for a NEW Audiobook GiveAway! Dream with Sophia!

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta

Cari lettori – Dear readers,

Nella mia nuova registrazione di “Dreaming Sophia — because dreaming is an art” letta dalla talentuosa attrice Amy Gordon, tim imbarcherai in un viaggio in Italia per scoprire di più sulla sua musica, storia, cultura, arte e cinema. Vivrai l’Italia che conosco e amo; e dai uno sguardo a tutte le innumerevoli cose che fanno unica l’Italia: i panorami, i suoni e i sapori, nonché le leggende e gli aneddoti culturali. Ti invito ad abbracciare il sogno di Italia e camminare sul confine tra fantasia e realtà.

In my new Audiobook recording of “Dreaming Sophia—because dreaming is an art” read by the talented actress Amy Gordon you will embark on a trip to Italy to discover more about her music, history, culture, art, and cinema. You will experience the Italy I know and love; and get a glimpse into all the innumerable things that make Italy unique: the sights, sounds, and tastes, as well as the legends and cultural anecdotes. I invite you to embrace the dream of Italia and walk the line between fantasy and reality.

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Spero che sarai anche inspirato a continuare ad imparare l’italiano mentre viaggi con Sophia poiché il romanzo è pieno di parole e espressioni italiane. Voglio anche aprire gli occhi sul mondo dell’arte. Voglio che l’arte ti “parli” come fa con la mia eroina.

I hope you will also be inspired to keep learning Italian as you journey with Sophia as the novel is filled with Italian words and expressions. I also want to open your eyes to the world of art. I want art to “speak” to you as it does to my heroine.

Sophia Loren

Mentre scrivevo il libro, ho iniziato a desiderare di condivdere la musica italiana che cito o di far apparire una foto quando parlo di un’opera d’arte. Quindi per sperimentare il libro visivamente e acusticamente, ho creato la pagina su Pinterest: Art of Loving Italy dove troverai collegamenti a musica, filmati e immagini, nonché i luoghi in cui Sophia va: Firenze, Lucca, Viareggio, Roma, Venezia, Verona e Val d’Orcia.

As I wrote the book, I began to wish I could share the Italian music I mention or have a picture pop up when I talk about a piece of art. So to experience the book visually and aurally, I have created the Art of Loving Italy Pinterest page where you will find links to music, film clips, and images as well as the many places Sophia goes: Florence, Lucca, Viareggio, Rome, Venice, Verona, and Val d’Orcia.

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta, Deposit Photos

Continua a sognare i tuoi sogni; diventano realtà!

Keep dreaming your dreams; They do become reality!

Synopsis: Dreaming Sophia is a magical look into Italy and Art History as seen through the eyes of a young American artist. Sophia is the daughter of a beautiful free-spirited artist, who studied in Italy in the 1960s during a time when the Mud Angels saved Florence. She is brought up in the Sonoma Valley in California, in a home full of love, laughter, art and Italian dreams. When tragedy strikes she finds herself alone in the world with only her Italian muses for company. Through dream-like encounters she meets Renaissance artists, Medici Princes, 16th Century Duchesses, Risorgimento Generals and Cinecitta Movie Stars, each who gives her advice and a gift to help put her life back together. Dreaming Sophia is the story a young woman’s love for Italy and how she turns her fantasies into reality, as she follows her muses home to Tuscany.

Photo Credit: Studentessa Matta

Amazon Reader Review: Erica 5.0 Stars :  Next best thing to going to Italy

In these times (with travel to Italy only on a wishlist, not a to-do list), this is a lovely way to immerse yourself. I don’t want to give away the plot, but suffice it to say, it begins with a tragedy that propels the main character to go to Italy. There are so many scenes in parts of Italy I’ve visited and they’re beautifully depicted – the streetscapes, the charm, the beauty of the language. I, personally, was a big fan of liberally sprinkling in the charming Italian expressions as they really brought the already-vividly drawn story to life.


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For those of you who like holding a book in your hands
all novels: “Dreaming Sophia”, “Waking Isabella”,
“Eternally Artemisia”

and soon to be published “The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola”
are available in print and epub.


Enjoy! And please tell your friends! Passaparola!

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  1. As a blind person I have to accept what other people say about the views but I love the smells and sounds of Italy. The sunbaked, earthy scents of Sicily are so very different from my rainsoaked homeland (of course, I’m English) and, mixed with the tang of sea salt and summer flowers make the experience so exotic and refreshing. I love the hum of the cicadas in the wooded parks and, of course, the animated, yet melodious sounds of Italian conversation. Most of all, I love the mouthwatering aromas from the restaurants and the prospect of delicious seafood and Mediterranean vegetables. Roll on the day that travel restrictions are lifted and I can immerse myself once again in the fragrant Italian landscape!