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Le migliori app per padroneggiare le coniugazioni verbali italiane

Recentemente sono stata in una ricerca per trovare applicazioni per aiutare gli studenti di lingua padroneggiare coniugazioni verbi italiani. Per i principianti, sto parlando principalmente del presente e del passato prossimo. Per gli studenti avanzati sto parlando di padroneggiare i tempi più complessi come Passato Remoto, Conditional, Trapassato Prossimo e Congiuntivo.

I’ve recently been on a quest to find apps to help language learners master Italian verb conjugations. For beginners, I’m primarily talking about present tense and passato prossimo. For Advanced learners I’m talking about mastering the more complex tenses like Passato Remoto, Conditional, Trapassato Prossimo, and Congiuntivo.

This post focuses on Apps and Programs to help you learn Italian verb conjugations more efficiently while having more fun. Toward the end of the post I do include several suggestions to help with overall language learning comprehension.

Oh mio Dio! Scrivo questo post sulle app per imparare l’italiano da qualche giorno. Il problema è che continuo a scoprire sempre più applicazioni per indagare. Ci sono così tanti là fuori. Li scarico, li apro per fare un giro di prova… e la prossima cosa che so, ho perso la cognizione del tempo perché sono caduta in una profonda tana del coniglio giocando con le varie caratteristiche.

OMG! I’ve been writing this post about Italian language learning apps for a couple of days now. The problem is I keep discovering more and more apps to investigate. There are so many out there. I download them, open them up to give them a test drive… and the next thing I know, I’ve lost track of time because I’ve fallen down a deep rabbit hole playing around with the various features.

Image Credit: Studentessa Matta Deposit Photo

Ecco la mia lista. Non è una lista esaustiva in alcun modo. Queste sono le applicazioni che penso siano interessanti e che sto usando per rinforzare i complessi tempi verbali come Passato Remoto

Here is my list. It is not an exhaustive list by any means.
These are the apps that I think are interesting and
that I’m personally using to reinforce complicated
verb tenses like Passato Remoto


Quizlet (Top of the list)

I was digging around trying to find a flashcard app that “spoke” to me. And literally, I found it in Quizlet! I am familiar with the Anki flashcard app but have always found it a bit clunky, so I never really warmed up to the app. But when I discovered Quizlet, I immediately recognized all there is to love about the program! Not only is Quizlet a flashcard-based app, but it provides audio and visuals that make learning fun and provides the flexibility of creating your own practice sets.

It is such an easy and convenient app to use that I am also now integrating it into my regular blog posts so that readers can now practice new words found in my posts. It makes the Matta site just that much more interactive, and I hope you will take advantage of this new feature.

To use Quizlet and take advantage of Matta Language Learning, just click on the buttons in each post to take you to the Quizlet site and start practicing! You can learn in a variety of ways. You can review flashcards, test your auditory and listening comprehension, spelling, writing, testing, matching, and other fun learning games using the set of words or grammar concepts in each group. Quizlet is entirely free to use and can be used on your phone or computer.


Linguno Italian Grammar Learning Tool

Linguno is an entertaining, customizable, comprehensive conjugation app for the computer. I am having a great time with this app. It is challenging and makes learning those hard-to-learn tenses actually fun. The site is still a Beta app, which means it is still in development mode and new things are added all the time! The program covers three areas: grammar conjugation, listening, and vocabulary, and there are cool statistics to show your learning progress. It provides new exercises according to your past mistakes, and each sentence is read aloud so you can practice auditory skills. There are presets suited for different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). Currently, Linguno is entirely free to use and is available for computers. Caution: This app can get to be addictive (At least in my experience)!

Update: The Linguno Team just sent me an update saying that they are rolling out new Conjugation Crossword puzzles for the holidays! And they say Santa doesn’t exist! These new conjugations games should provide hours of fun during the holiday vacation!


Italian Verb Blitz Italian Grammar App

This is a fun verb conjugation app and I even take it with me on my afternoon walks to keep practicing. It functions not only as a verb reference and features over 100 essential regular and irregular verbs but also as a verb drill trainer. There are only three drills and in my experience, they can be too repetitive and easy.

1) Infinitive Quiz. Match a verb to its definition from four multiple choices.

2) Grid Quiz. Players are presented with a grid of Italian and English words, and you must match the ones that go together.

3) Conjugation Quiz. In my opinion, this verb drill is the most challenging and therefore the most fun. Players are given a sentence in English and they must choose the correct answer from several verb conjugations. This game can get addictive! (Tip: make sure you are familiar with what the verb tenses are called in English, i.e., Perfect Past 3 Person Singular or Subjunctive Past 1 Person Singular as game hints are given using the proper terms.) The app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.


Conjuu Italian Grammar Learning Tool

Conjuu for iPhone and iPad is a pretty straightforward app for learning Italian verb conjugations. It features a built-in verb dictionary and only one verb drill practice mode. When you begin the drill, you basically type the conjugations for 1st, 2nd, 3rd person singular and the plural forms of the verbs. You get a triumphant “Soprendente!” message that animates across your screen if you get all solutions correct. If you miss a couple, you can go back and retry. Basically, that’s it. For me, this got a little boring. But, I believe everyone learns differently, and this app is definitely designed for those who enjoy writing out the various conjugations.

The app is flexible in that you can select the verbs you want to master and the grammar tense you want to focus on. Or you can choose all verbs and all tenses. Built into the Conjuu app are audio pronunciations so you can listen to the verbs in all their conjugated forms.


Italian Verbs Pro App (for iphone and ipad)

Instantly view over 500 Italian verbs in 18 tenses. This app is strictly for verb conjugation look-up and reference. There are no drills or verb games to practice your knowledge of verb conjugation. A bonus: There is audio to hear every verb pronounced. You can upgrade to the pro version to get rid of annoying ads!


Verbi App (for iphone and ipad)

I’m enjoying the Verbi app. It features an extensive 500 Verb list and each verb has 89 forms to learn. This app DOES feature a verb drill function which I’m having fun with. Test yourself. See your improvement! Verbi has three types of tests: timed, number of verbs, and a combination of both. You can select how long you want the test or how many verbs you want the test to quiz you on. When the test is done, you’ll see your score. You can save the test results, and see a history of all saved tests – clear proof that you’re learning!


Quizz Verbes Italiens App (for iphone and ipad)

This app for learning Italian Verbs is from a French app builder and I’m finding it to be quite fun and entertaining. It doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can use it in flight. It has a database made of the most frequently used Italian verbs. You choose which verb tenses you want to study and questions are generated. If your answer is wrong, you are immediately informed of the correct answer. For each verb tense statistics are compiled to measure learning. You can reset these stats as often as you want, start over and measure your progress.


Reverso Context: Italian Verb Builder, Translator, Quizzes, Flashcards, and Games (Computer, iphone, ipad)

Reverso specializes in AI-based language tools, translation aids, and language services. It provides you instant translations of the selected text when reading content on your browser on your computer or your phone. Reverso Context is based on data from millions of real-life texts (official documents, movie subtitles, product descriptions) in both languages. These texts are processed with robust “big data” algorithms and machine learning to provide you with the best results. So if you aren’t quite sure of the meaning of a word, you will be provided with a variety of options. You can also listen to the words and phrases you are looking up.


Reverso Context Italian Language Verb Conjugator

I find the Reverso Conjugation Chart extremely helpful for quick reference when trying to recall how to conjugate a tricky Italian verb. You can also listen to a word recording to reinforce auditory skills.


Impariamo: Italian Grammar Verb / Conjugation
Quiz Site

Impariamo l’Italiano is a long-standing favorite Italian language learning site of mine. It was started back in 2006 by Jordi Tremosa, who created a lovely place for language learners to practice Italian language grammar. In fact, it is a chock-full of grammar practice quizzes. If you want to brush up on your verb tenses, this is a perfect landing place for you to roost for a while. It is gratifying to take the tests and then have the answers revealed. It will prompt you to keep getting better and better! The material on the site is continually updated and open to all to encourage learning comprehension and linguistic advancement.


Memrise Learn Visually — Flashcard Mnemonics help you learn Italian Verb Tenses

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. The folks at Memrise believe that learning must be super fun to be effective! The best way to acquire a language is through immersion, living and breathing it, instead of mindless textbook forced learning. I discovered Memrise a while back and think it still has merit and can be a useful tool to learn almost anything, not just languages.


Lingo Pie: Visual & Auditory Italian Language Learning by watching TV

What could be better than learning a language just by watching TV? With Lingo Pie, you get instant access to hundreds of great foreign TV shows in the language you are learning. I’m enjoying watching a steamy turn-of-the-century Italian drama called The Lady in the Black Veil. You can watch with or without subtitles and pause anytime you want to practice vocabulary and pronunciation. When you are finished watching a show, you can practice with contextual video flashcards. This program is especially great for working on audio comprehension.


Yabla: Visual & Auditory Italian Language Learning by watching TV

Yabla is another program that allows you to watch Italian TV and learn the language. Yabla language immersion sites give you authentic television, music videos, drama, interviews, travel, and Yabla exclusive shoots from throughout the world. Yabla’s unique player technology is designed with language learners in mind: Slow Play, Integrated Dictionaries, Listening Game, Dual Language Subtitles, and more. Yabla, I believe, predates LingoPie and offers fun learning games. I’ve always enjoyed Yabla and think it is a great way to further immerse yourself in language learning.

Check the two programs out, and let me know which one you like best!


Coffee Break Italian: Italian Language Learning Programs: Seasons 1, 2, 3
Gradually build your Italian verb confidence!

Coffee Break Italian gradually builds your confidence in Italian verbs and conjugations! For a while now followers of the Matta blog have written to me extolling the merits of Coffee Break Italian. During the summer, I finally broke down and began listening to Season 1 & 2 to review the site’s programs. Long story short, I was delighted by the series and think it is a fun way to learn Italian. Each episode is curated by the Coffee Break team—Mark a Scotsman with Italian heritage and Francesca, a native Italian. The program is currently available in three levels, represented by each “season.” Each season features 40 lessons. 

You can listen to the free podcasts and learn or improve your Italian on the go, where and when it suits you. Take the next step and sign up for a course on the Coffee Break Academy, accessing video materials, lesson notes, and bonus audio content.

You can read my review of Coffee Break Italian here. Read my review of Coffee Break Italian I’m looking forward to Season 3 which I think will be more challenging and a bit more rewarding for advanced students of Italian.


Babbel Italian Online Programs Ease you into the world of Italian Verb Conjugations

I’ve come back to the Babbel language site! I’ve been aware of Babbel for many years but recently jumped back in to check it out and see what it has to offer more advanced Italian language learners. The site is quite surprising and offers something for all learners from beginner to advanced. It’s really quite fun and creative! They’ve introduced new games, podcasts, stories, and more, all designed to help you explore your chosen language.

The Babbel Method is the shortest path to real-life conversations, bringing a powerful curriculum right to your fingertips. The voices teaching you are those of native speakers, not machine-learning bots. And likewise, the dialogues aren’t only lessons in pronunciation; they’re lessons in culture. Authenticity is critical to fully exploring a new place via a new language. Babbel’s content utilizes proven cognitive techniques that move new vocabulary through your brain’s six memory stages, ultimately parking it in long-term memory.

I’m having fun with the site and think you will too!


LingQ Language Learning through Reading — Learn Verb Tenses in Practical Applications

The LingQ app is great to improve reading comprehension in your targeted foreign language. The app reader contains 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews, and more, all with transcripts. The language app even lets you import and learn languages from any content you find on the web. This is a great way to explore verb tenses in practical applications.

LingQ features an audiobook player that lets you read along to learn a new language. You can highlight the words you don’t understand and they will be added to your practice list. The LingQ app also lets you learn offline and syncs up when you get back online.

This is how it works:

·  Read your favorite media (articles, e-books, Netflix shows) within the app
·  Click on unfamiliar words and phrases as you read, or follow along with the subtitles
·  Save them for easy access later on in the form of lists and flashcards.


Learn Italian Verb Congugations with Audiobooks

If you are interested in focusing on your Italian language listening skills I encourage you to listen to Audiobooks in Italian. Just start right in and listen to all those wonderful verb tenses and conjugations and soak them up! Be aware that in literary works the Passato Remoto is used consistently. It is a great way to learn this complex tense.

Check out the Audiobook findings on the Matta Amazon site

Chiamami col tuo nome di André Aciman

Cofanetto Maigret di Georges Simenon

I Leoni di Sicilia

La casa delle voci Donato Carrisi

L’allieva di Alessia Gazzola

Sostiene Pereira di Antonio Tabucchi

Ninfa dormiente di Ilaria Tutti

L’amica geniale di Elena Ferrante

L’Arminuta di Donatella Di Pietrantonio

La storia infinita di Michael Ende

Il Gatto Pardo

Furore di John Steinbeck Il Conte di Montecristo di Alexandre Dumas

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Language Learning through
relaxed personal conversations with me!

Have doubts or questions about Italian Verb tenses and conjugations? How about chatting with me to ask questions and improve your Italian language comprehension?

Here is what you get:

  • 1/2-hour one-to-one conversation practice session via Skype or Facetime
  • An opportunity to meet up with a like-minded language student, share stories, chat about life, and Italy!
  • A chance to ask questions about the language
  • The opportunity to practice what you have recently learned
  • Tips and advice on language learning
  • Insights into Italian culture, and habits that affect the language
  • Increased confidence through conversation practice
  • Exploration of Italian idioms together
  • Suggestions on how to create an Italian immersion program at home
  • Feedback and a summary of the session
1/2-hour conversation sessions: $25

For anyone who signs up for a homestay language course through the Matta website or for one of the 2022 study in Italy programs, you will get a FREE half-hour of Italian conversation practice with me.

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